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Automotive Body Paint – Repainting Your Car

There are multiple reasons as to why you may need an automotive body paint shop to fix your car. When your car becomes discolored throughout the years, is scratched from random environmental reasons or you have been in an accident it is important to make sure you know exactly what is being done to your car while it is being painted.  In some cases, nothing is truly wrong with the car, you may simply want to change the color instead of buying a new one or you want to sell it and make sure the new owner has a wonderful car to start off with.  No matter what the reason is, finding a shop in McDonough, GA. to paint your car should be fairly simple. When you want to find the right automotive body paint shop in McDonough, GA., you should make sure they do not charge too much.  Most commonly, if you need only scratches and dings painted, it will be around $550.  These are the least expensive jobs you can have done and they are the fastest as well.

However, there are times, especially if a car is older, where you may need more than a spot repair and it will cost substantially more.  Keep in mind that you can speak to your insurance and find out if they cover paint repair costs.  Point to Point Automotive strives to have pricing to fit most budgets and will work with most insurance carriers. With thousands of colors to choose from, going to an automotive body paint shop can be very pricey as well as long and intense.  Moreover, if you are trying to paint a car that is a classic, the process can even be more expensive and take many weeks, even months to complete.  

Of course, working with Point To Point Automotive in McDonough, the county seat of Henry County, you will get first class service and will be able to be a part of the process unlike if you were to go to a chain body paint shop in a large city. Knowing exactly what you want before you go into the automotive body paint shop will ensure that you get what you are hoping for. When you let the professionals do their work, you car will end up looking as good as new.

If you are in need of a paint job on your car, take the time today to come in for a free estimate at Point to Point Automotive located on Hwy 42 (Macon Street) just 1 mile south of the McDonough Square between Racetrack Road and Hwy 155.  Visit our experts or contact us today (770-957-2900) for the professional, courteous service you deserve.

"My car look as good as new after my accident thanks to Point To Point Automotive. They set up a rental car,took care of the insurance and provided a great repair. Jimmy and Lee were very professional and delivered the car when they said it would be finished." - DMI

"Point To Point Automotive is a shop you can trust!" - TMB

"Point to Point fixed my car the first time when two other shops could not. The other two shops took my money and my car still was not fixed. Point To Point had it fixed the same day. Jimmy is a great guy and very nice." - GWC

"Very good customer service. 5 stars!" - RWK

"Convenient, great warranty and priced right. I will be recommending Point To Point Automotive to my friends and family." - NJ

"I had some body repair work and 30,000 mile maintenance performed on my car at the same time. Very cool." - JRW

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