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Automotive Transmission Repair – Taking the Fear Out Of Car Repair

When you search online for automotive transmission repair in McDonough, GA., you will get over 2,000 results.  This shows how important it is to find a great repair shop within this 7.8 mile town filled with over 20,000 people.  Being so close to Interstate 75, you may be tempted to go out of town to find a chain car repair shop.  However, working with the locals will not only provide you with great hometown service but also allow you to support local businesses and economy.  Also, when it comes to getting issues like the transmission fixed on your car, being close by and knowing who you are working with can truly make a difference in price as well as longevity of the repair. If you live in the McDonough area it is more than likely that you will be able to find someone who has already made the decision to go with Point To Point Automotive for their car or truck and will gladly recommend that you do the same.

Needing your transmission fixed can seem scary and vague at the same time. Many people do not know exactly what it means when they need automotive transmission repair.  There are times when it can even be scary to think that your transmission needs fixed.  However, with the right mechanic working on your car, you can have peace of mind.  A problem with the transmission can many times be an easy fix and not cost too much money.

When it comes to your transmission, it is a good idea to know how it works.  This way when your mechanic talks to you about what is going on under the hood you will not be out of the loop and you will be able to understand the way that an automotive transmission repair happens.  In simple terms, your transmission is what causes your car to speed up, slow down and move between gears.  Overall, the housing is what holds all of the gears, the filter and the fluid.  The gears are either planetary or main and they are needed to make the car drive.  The filter catches all of the dirt and gross gunk that is in the air that gets into your car so it does not get into the fluid. Finally, the fluid is needed to make your car run.  It lubricates all of the gears and is continually running through your transmission.

Overall, if you are in need of any automotive transmission repairs, you will know what they are working on when they have your car lifted up.  With over 25 years of general automotive repair experience, Point to Point Automotive is located on Hwy 42 (Macon Street) just 1 mile south of the McDonough Square between Racetrack Road and Hwy 155.  Visit our experts or contact us today (770-957-2900) for a free estimate and the professional, courteous service that you deserve.

"My car look as good as new after my accident thanks to Point To Point Automotive. They set up a rental car,took care of the insurance and provided a great repair. Jimmy and Lee were very professional and delivered the car when they said it would be finished." - DMI

"Point To Point Automotive is a shop you can trust!" - TMB

"Point to Point fixed my car the first time when two other shops could not. The other two shops took my money and my car still was not fixed. Point To Point had it fixed the same day. Jimmy is a great guy and very nice." - GWC

"Very good customer service. 5 stars!" - RWK

"Convenient, great warranty and priced right. I will be recommending Point To Point Automotive to my friends and family." - NJ

"I had some body repair work and 30,000 mile maintenance performed on my car at the same time. Very cool." - JRW

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